DAY 2: A New Habit

This lesson from The OolaGuys is one that I love to tell my friends and coaching clients.

Imagine you have a large glass vase, 7 beautiful oranges, and several bags of colorful Skittles—the candy we all grew up with. Just as in life, your job is to fill the vase with everything you have in front of you.

If you fill the vase with the Skittles first, then try to add the seven oranges, you’ll never fit everything in. But if you start by placing the oranges first, then slowly pour in the Skittles—letting them filter down around the oranges—miraculously it all fits.

Life is a lot like those oranges and Skittles.

Skittles represent the day-to-day clutter of our lives: running errands, kid stuff, soccer practice, emails, vet appointments, cleaning house, and social media. The seven oranges, on the other hand, represent the seven key areas of life—your 7 F’s of Oola.

If you take care of your major goals first, then fit the little things around them, miraculously it all gets accomplished.

3×5 Notecard: Start a New Daily Habit

One way to make sure the oranges in your life get the focus (instead of the clutter) is to write down action steps that will get you closer to achieving your major goals. Every night, pull out a 3×5 notecard and divide it down the middle: write at least 3 must-do action items on the right (Oranges) and clutter on the left (Skittles). In the morning, focus on accomplishing those MIT’s — most important tasks — starting with doing the worst first.  Like this:


  • Ask my boss about leadership training + promotion 

  • Start a $1,000 “emergency fund” account at the bank

  • Schedule two special date nights in the next 30 days


  • Finish the analytics report at work

  • Pick-up craft supplies for Jaden’s school project

  • Drop off dry cleaning

Try this “3×5 Notecard Strategy” for a couple of days and see what you can accomplish toward your major goal. Write out a notecard right now and another one tonight (to focus on tomorrow). Then comment below and share your biggest win with me. 

Tomorrow’s challenge is easy-breezy: a way to actually cut down on the time bandits of your day so you can more easily focus on your future. Stay tuned! You will love it.

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