Pursue Your true passion.

You weren't built by accident. You were built for a unique purpose that not only serves the world, but one that also inspires and motivates you.

Unfortunately, most people find their deepest desires have been stifled by what other people want them to do. You got a business degree because your parents expected it, though you secretly wanted to pursue a career in the arts. You agreed with your spouse to start a family right away, even though your real passion was to travel the globe before settling down. You love being a stay-at-home parent, doing organic gardening, and cooking healthy meals, but that’s not considered an “important” career.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. On the way to pleasing others, playing it safe, paying the bills and securing “the future,” most people have sadly lost track of their own true desires.

For you, however, that is about to change.

If you’ve been following my posts over the last month, you know that—right now—you have a unique opportunity to create an amazing future: your “new normal.” The key is to stay focused on getting it.

And “staying focused” is a major part of what coaching can help you do.

Coaching can help you remove the clutter and obstacles in your life that are holding you back from following your heart. When we begin to eliminate fear, the weight of debt, laziness, self-sabotage, and toxic people from our lives, our true selves begin to emerge. We start to get a glimpse of what's inside of us, and our heartfelt passions come to light.

Coaching can help you rediscover your true passion in life . . . a major stepping stone on the way to living the OolaLife.

If the recent pandemic has caused you to re-think your lifestyle, your finances, your health, your relationships and your future, we should jump on a call to discuss what you want your “new normal” to look like. It’s what I help clients with, and it would be my honor to work with you, too.

Email me (or send me a chat below) and let’s schedule some time to chat soon. Or, go here to read more before we jump on that call.

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