You're Already Disciplined.

OK, here’s a game-changer: did you know you already have all the discipline you need to reach your goals?

If you think you can’t stay on-task or that you’ll never be able to get ahead, most of the world’s top behavioral experts would disagree with you. In fact, every time you brush your teeth in the morning or make it to work on time or renew your driver’s license by the deadline, you’re practicing discipline.

Planning for your “new normal” and creating the life of your dreams is no different. It also takes discipline.

But what is discipline, really? It’s doing what must be done—even if you don’t want to at that moment. It’s battling through the daily grind, putting in the extra hours, using sheer force of will. But it’s also doing things consistently—like eating the right foods. Practicing new skills. Or saving something every month for retirement.

If you think about it, there are already habits you follow and stuff you consistently spend time on. But is it supportive (or counterproductive) to the goals you want to reach? For instance, when we check out a friend’s post on Facebook, then find ourselves down a rabbit hole an hour later, that’s 60 minutes we haven’t spent on creating our dream life.

But what if we spent that same time, energy, and focus on new disciplines that would get us closer to our goals? An awesome life doesn't occur overnight. But with persistence and stick-to-itiveness you can achieve the balanced OolaLife of your dreams.

How disciplined are you willing to be?

If you need help staying focused and accountable to your goals, I’m here to help. Together, we can make sure you’re disciplined with new habits and behaviors that propel you toward your goals. As I’ve mentioned before, the Oola Coaching Program is designed to support you in making massive progress in just 10 weeks. I’d be delighted to privately coach you through the process.

Email me (or send me a chat below) for more details. But for now, drop a comment below and share something you're already disciplined about. See? You have all the discipline you need.

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